Road Back to Nursing in the Faroe Islands


Kristianna Whinter Poulsen, a politician from the Social Democratic Party (SDP) graced the invitation of the Filipino Nurses Association in the Nordic Region (FINAN) at the University of the Faroe Islands, Faculty of Health Sciences Department and listened to the proposal of the association on how to make the integration programme systematic on the 10th of July 2021.

Kristianna considers integration a high priority political issue. She is also committed to bring the concerns to a political level. In the meet and greet day of the FiNAN, Filipino Nurses shared their experiences and concerns on the qualification and credentialing process on how to become a Registered Nurses in the Faroe Islands.

Since the country is under the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Denmark, nurses who are educated outside the European Union (EU)/ European Economic Area (EEA) need to undergo rigorous process such as passing (Prøve i dansk 3) and obtain the minimum scores of 10, 7, 7. The challenge occurs when Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) need to understand and speak also the Faroese Language being the country’s official language. Although the country is autonomous and has its own constitution, it is still dependent to the policies of the Danish health care system.

Manilyn Estrella Jacobsen, the first Filipina Nurse who became a Registered Nurse in the Faroe Islands and FiNAN’s official representative to the country mentioned in the discussion that the Faroese language is the key for better opportunities among IENs. She suggested in the meeting that the country should have a proper language training programme that would integrate the nurses to the work.

While it was challenging for Manilyn to get her qualification, Jessica Deliso Dam, second official representative of FiNAN to the country and also a Filipino Registered Nurse in the Philippines and Faroe Islands underwent the pathway that is similar to the Finnish Education System. Currently, FiNAN has an official Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Arcada University of Applied Sciences which will promote the Top-Up programme which can expediate the entrance of internationally educated nurses to the workforce and allow them to smoothly integrate into Finnish society. The long-term goal is also to support new educational models aimed at internationally trained nurses that can be applied throughout the Nordics. This programme is to be hopefully replicated in the country with the help of the University of the Faroe Islands, Faculty of Health Sciences.

Magni Mohr, PhD, the Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences expressed his full support in the implementation of the programme as a way to help the Faroese society in addressing the shortage of the nursing workforce in the country. FiNAN had a productive and fruitful meeting in discussing the implementation of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing in the English language. However, funding is needed for the implementation of the programme.

You need to understand that the process takes sacrifice from your part. The motivation should come from you. FiNAN is ready to help you with this process. We continue to talk and negotiate with the policy and decision makers to address your concern.

Cristal Tolosa Warburg

Vice President, FINAN