Welcome to the Congress!

August 19-20, 2023

Congress Topics


Discuss the importance of multiculturalism in the Nordic Society and its importance in the social and health care system.

Role Advancement

Filipino Nurses continue to advance their roles in different Nordic countries but still lagging compared to other English-speaking countries. How do we advance their roles?

Leadership and Education

The EU Directive 55/2013 ensures that nursing education in the EU is regulated. Why is it challenging for Filipino Nurses to get qualified as Registered Nurses? How can we break the barrier?

Advancing the role of Filipino Nurses in the Nordic Society



The Filipino Nurses Association in the Nordic Region (FiNAN) conducts general assembly to discuss the most pressing issues Filipino Nurses experience from different parts of the Nordic countries. This assembly also aims to provide continuing professional development to Filipino Nurses or Internationally Educated Nurses to update their knowledge, skills, and competencies upfront in the needs of the Nordic society.

Attending the FiNAN General Assembly also widens networking contacts improving your professional and entrepreneurship skills.

More information are coming in the next few months!

Come and meet Internationally Educated Nurses from different parts of the Nordic Region!